The RallyMe Foundation believes the power of sport is transformative.


Whether young or old, an individual athlete or a team, sport develops character and enriches the lives of its participants. It teaches us commitment, teamwork, perseverance, how to win with grace and to lose with dignity.


But what happens when financial obstacles become a barrier to participation?

 The RallyMe Foundation was born out of the notion that everyone deserves the opportunity to engage in athletic activities. It exists to remove financial obstacles that would otherwise prevent individuals and teams from participating in the noble pursuit of sport.

The RallyMe Foundation is the evolution of a dream to transform the sports funding world.'s launch in 2012 was the first step and it's helped thousands raise millions. Now it's time to take it to the next level. 

No Athlete Left Behind!


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Our aspirations are grand, but so are the dreams
of millions who love sport. See what drives us.

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