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The leader in compliance management solutions for youth and amateur sports, Great Coach is, for a limited time, offering Clear2Play™, a comprehensive return to sport module, for FREE to any youth and amateur sports organization. With Clear2Play™, we can all work together to get our young athletes back to the fields of play safely, systematically, and responsibly.

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Compliance management system

From SafeSport training to background checks to Safe Communications, Great Coach is your one-stop Compliance Management System. We will help you save time & money, mitigate risk, and provide a safe and secure record of accountability and transparency.

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Training and tracking

Through our partnership with the U.S. Center for SafeSport,Great Coach provides SafeSport training for all your staff.Once trained and verified, Great Coach displays every certification on public-facing profiles. Great Coach then automates alerts and reminders to facilitate refresher and recertification courses.

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3 steps to safer sports

It’s difficult to stay in compliance, much less embrace best practices, in this ever-changing environment. Our team of legal and sports experts will conduct a free audit of your organization, recommend procedures andprovide a managed solution to not only comply with federal and state law but also exemplify today’s best practices.

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Medical Personnel

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Adult Athletes

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Background Checks

Great Coach provides several different levels of background screening, tracking, and re-screening notifications to meet every need. Our competitive rates are currently saving our customers 30% over other background screening services.

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Safe messaging

Whether texting or instant messaging through open social networks, non-transparent electronic communication is sternly discouraged by the Safe Sport Act of 2017. But that doesn’t mean coaches and other adults can’t communicate electronically and effectively with minors. With Great Coach every message is shared with the player’s parents and stored in a non-editable/non-deletable manner in the administrator’s dashboard.

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With Great Coach’s SafeMessaging, parents and admins are automatically copied on every message and those non-deletable, non-editable messages are permanently stored and searchable on the administrator’s dashboard. Great Coach’s SafeMessaging module is compliant with the electronic communications directives in the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy,which is required by the Safe Sport Act of 2017.

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Ready to ensure you have the right guardrails in place?

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Safe sites

It is not safe to share game and practice schedules, photos, or other information about children on today’s social networks. Yet we’ve all come to expect that level of connectivity. That’s why Great Coach developedSafeSite private social networks. Your posts, practice or game schedule, and imagery are only accessible to the parents, athletes, coaches, and staffers you invite.

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Create events

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Indicate availability

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Share video, images

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Share practice plans

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Document management

From Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies, to travel and lodging waivers, codes of conduct, and any other document you need parents, coaches, or volunteers to read, accept, and sign, Great Coach has you covered.

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We host your documents

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We steer your team
to them

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We provide viewing and signing capability

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We track the rate
of adoption

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In-app athletes and Parent surveys

A positive youth sports experience requires a partnership among coaches, admins, parents, and athletes. The foundation of that partnership is built on communication and listening. Through our in-app athlete self-assessments and parent surveys, your organization can lead the conversation and receive the feedback you need, when you need it, in a safe and convenient manner.

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Safe feedback

The Safe Sport Act requires every organization to have a safe and secure feedback mechanism. Great Coach provides a clear Feedback function that pre-sorts it into six different categories. The Feedback provider can choose to be identifiable or anonymous. Should the feedback involve athlete abuse, Great Coach directs it straight to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

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Certification tracking training

Whether it’s a certification for the USOPC`s How to Coach Kids online training module or the CDC’s HeadsUp Concussion training,first aid, or virtually any other certificate-awarding program, Great Coach will provision, track, and manage the entire process for your organization.

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Coaching tools

Great Coach offers your coaches the tools to work more effectivelywith your athletes. From customizable video analysis toavailability tracking to athlete feedback, our tools help your coaches better educate athletes with the kind of app-based technology that they are already embracing.

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Return to sport safely and responsibly

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Comply with federal SafeSport law

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Background check all of your adults

Provide SafeMessaging and communications tools icon

Provide SafeMessaging & communications tools

Affordable and reliable

The Great Coach solution helps your organization and even our pricing model is simple: We’ll send you one comprehensive and affordable monthly invoice.

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