Covid safety for your Organization

Public health and sports experts agree that returning the nation’s youth to the fields of play must be done in a diligent, directed and well-documented progression, one with greater preparation and consideration than clipboard spreadsheets at a venue. Great Coach’s easy-to-use Clear2Play™ app requires a health status check (including temperature tracking) to determine participant wellness and availability well before arriving at practice or competition venues and archives the process in a secure database.



An official partner of the U.S. Center for SafeSport, Great Coach has deep experience in helping sports organizations make the youth and amateur sports experience better, safer, and more enriching by complying with current and emerging standards. Responding to the pandemic crisis, Great Coach customized its Clear2Play™ compliance module to adhere to the requirements set forth by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee as well as the U.S. Center for Disease control.


Easy To Use

Great Coach’s Clear2Play™ module offers an easy-to-use mobile application to record and memorialize daily body temperature and HealthStat symptom checks so that every organization and venue can efficiently clear athletes to participate in activities before they arrive at the field of play. No need to line up at the door or in the parking lot while someone takes your temperature. All data is displayed, tracked, and securely archived in the administrative dashboard. This creates an enduring record of responsibility and accountability.

In-App Alerts

In the event of impermissible temperature readings or possible virus symptoms, coaches and administrators are alerted and participants are not cleared to play. This procedure is likely to be part of the sports experience for a while, but with Great Coach, it can be accomplished by parents, athletes, coaches, and volunteers in less than one minute a day.

In-App Alerts

Waivers & releases

The Clear2Play™ document management system gives organizations and venues the ability to deliver and record acceptance of all releases and policy documents on convenient mobile devices. Clear2Play™ brings organizations an essential, convenient, and cost-effective way to return to play safely and responsibly.


Clear2Play™ costs $6 per user per year. A user is a coach, athlete, staff, medic or administrator. Parents are free. To get started, schools and districts are required to prepay for only the first 30% percent of their anticipated users. After that, we will invoice your organization or district once a month as long as you are adding users.

In-App Alerts

Clear2Play™ will also support vaccination and antibody tests
and results when the data is more widely available